Our History

Calvary Cambridge was born in February of 2007, when God called Joey Rozek and his family to leave the United States for Cambridge, having received a prophetic call to this country to be “a voice” for Christ in this generation. God gave Joey a heavenly vision to build a spiritual ark to equip and prepare people for what is to come (Gen. 6:14) and to unite together with like-minded brethren to bring people to the presence of Jesus (Luke 5).
Shortly after arriving in the UK, the Lord led Joey to walk the streets of Cambridge to pray and personally assess the spiritual challenges before him while looking for opportunities to share Christ with others. Joey soon began teaching a Bible Study out of his home with a couple of families, and continued praying for the Lord’s leading on what steps to take  in Cambridge. While Joey was encouraged to “wait on the Lord and keep His way” (Ps. 37:34), the Lord connected him and his wife Tiffany with various people who were hungry for Jesus and His Word and this fellowship was planted to glory and praise of God.
Calvary Cambridge is an independent fellowship of believers under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the fruit of over 1,500 Calvary Chapel churches throughout the world that grew out of “The Jesus Movement” which began in Southern California in the late 1960s. There are now over 50 Calvary Chapel fellowships here in the UK.
We believe that Jesus birthed one Church through His death and Resurrection and that all believers who have genuinely received Christ as Lord and Savior are already joined together through His Spirit by faith in the finished work of Christ.